Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan

Larry Fast P.E. is certified as a Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
Technical Service Provider (TSP) for livestock facilities.
He helps the farm understand manure and wastewater handling and storage for all types of livestock.

Larry uses a CNMP, Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan, 
to address the management and treatment necessary for Animal Feeding Operations (AFO)
to meet their production goals and protect soil and water resources on the farm and leaving the farm.

One of the primary areas of assistance that Larry provides to livestock facilities is the development of
Waste Management Plans. These plans are typically necessary prior to farms receiving
EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program) funds.
These plans can also help the farm meet permitting objectives through state regulatory offices.

With over 45 years of structural engineering experience, Larry offers to the Ag community:

Historic Barn Preservation
Building Design
Forensic Engineering
Farm Life Experience


Actively registered in these states:

Ohio  |  Indiana  |  Michigan  |  Pennsylvania|  Virginia  |  North Carolina